Jacy In New York

Hi! I’m Jacy.

I’m a vet who loves to cook, go horse-riding, walk through the countryside with my dogs and being a wife.

I live in rural New York with my husband James, two dogs, Biscuit and Blue, and two horses named Shadow and Bud.

This blog will be about my life and things I like, such as certain hobbies like traveling, cooking, my job – which I love as a matter of fact! and just challenges I take on everyday as part of life.

Also: I used to run a blog called Country Living In Hidden New York. It was something similar to this but was relatively small. I started it in 2009, but after we moved from one part of the countryside to another I felt like I was hanging on to that area rather than saying goodbye to it. I stopped writing in 2012 and deleted the blog, it just wasn’t needed anymore.

Okay, I’ve received a lot of comments about reading my blog and a lot of people were asking about where they could contact me to get the passwords to certain posts. I guess those of you asking haven’t realized that I have a contact tab. There you can send me an email or a message in regards to the passwords. I can’t specifically say the blog passwords in a response message to those inquiring, so please, if anyone has any questions or concerns about reading my blog or certain posts, then do be aware that there is a contact tab where you can ask.

I am glad to have your inquiries, as that gives me motivation to update the blog regularly. I will try to write more often as well.

So again, there’s a contact tab where you an inquire about my posts. Please, don’t be afraid to contact me, I won’t bite!

With love and gratitude,



A lot of people I know, not in person, but from social media such as on Twitter have blogs and are pretty famous from them. I don’t want to be that type of blogger. There’s nothing wrong with it of course, but I like my privacy and I think privacy is a really important factor in my life. I try to keep my life as private as it can be.

Usually, if I’m having problems or something great is happening in my life, I’d only tell my husband and my best friend. I also tell my mom, dad and siblings, then keep it all hush-hush until the time is right to share it with others.

And yes, I may be 28 years old but I still tell my mom everything.

When I thought about making this blog it was in January, and I put off the idea because of this, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately and I’ve finally decided to write it. So, as this is important I’m making this my first post and one of the few public posts.

I don’t want recognition for just documenting my life and paying attention to the little things. I don’t want to become a public figure. I don’t want my business being known by strangers. I don’t want people criticizing me when they don’t know me personally.

I live in a small, quiet town in New York. New York. The city that never sleeps. I live in New York where many people dream of living, or just visiting, and I live in the rural part of that state. If that doesn’t say much about privacy, then not much else will. Our house is located maybe twenty minutes from town and we’re surrounded by a beautiful view of trees, grass and hills and we can breathe fresh, clean air. It’s magical. It’s like a mini-paradise. Not only for me, but for our pets as well. There’s so much room we could rear about fifty dogs and about twenty horses.

We live in a wonderful neighborhood where everyone is kind to one another and we all work to keep our community strong. It’s something you wouldn’t imagine being in New York, but it’s there. And I love it too!

So, back to the main topic; I just want to share some stories that have made me who I am today and read those of others who have made them who they are. I don’t want to bring my husband or family and friends into public eye when they have no necessity to be in it. If they want to be in it, then I guess they can find a way themselves.

I want to know that the stories and pictures I’ll be sharing won’t end up half way across the internet, that maybe someday I’ll be scrolling through my Instagram feed and stumble across a picture of myself that’s open to thousands or millions of followers. I know I’m being dramatic but we can all agree that it’s a possibility, right? So I’m doing what I can to reduce the chances of the possibility from occurring.

So, if anyone wants to read my blog then email me, we’ll work it out.

Which much love and thanks,